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Over the Counter Birth Control Made Available for First Time

Sawyer Brown, Staff Writer April 22, 2024

Beginning in late March, the first ever over the counter birth control, Opill, will be available online and in stores. This means that women will no longer have to see a medical professional or get a prescription...

Atlanta Girls’ School Closes Abruptly

Aria Hammerstrom, Staff Writer April 22, 2024

On March 18, The Atlanta Girls’ School (AGS) announced they will be closing at the end of the school year on May 24. The school explained the reasoning behind the closure is due to financial issues because...

Thoughts about Religious Expression at Paideia

Thomas Grant, Guest Writer April 22, 2024

Unlike many of its private school peers, Paideia has a secular foundation and holds a largely agnostic student body—with 69 percent of students responding to a recent Forum poll describing themselves...

Billionaires Kick Off Wedding with Extravagance

Aria Hammerstrom, Staff Writer April 22, 2024

March 1 kicked off the celebration of the pre-wedding party for the Ambani family, the richest family in Asia. Anant Ambani and his betrothed, Radhika Merchant, will be married July 12 in Mumbai. The pre-wedding...

Students travelled to Oaxaca, Mexico during last year’s Short Term B.

Short Term Offers Travel for Students

Emerson Green, News Editor December 11, 2023

This upcoming Short Term A begins on Jan. 2 and features three classes that center around a travel experience. One of the highlights of this short term is the Costa Rica Comparative Healthcare Cohort Program....

“Five Nights at Freddy’s” Movie Divides Viewers

Braylen Pendleton  and Frank Yeboah December 11, 2023

“Five Nights at Freddy’s” came out on Oct. 27, 2023, around nine years after the release of the original game. Scott Hawthon, the creator of the game, produced an insanely large game with incredible...

Bad Bunny mesmerizes a crowd at Coachella.

That Latin is Smackin’

Jesus Resendiz, Staff Writer December 11, 2023

What type of music do you think of when you hear the title “Top 50 hits in the United States”? You may think hip-hop, rap, country, all types of music within the English genre, but recently the rise...

The 2021 Guinean coup was the second coup Guinea in two years, and destabilized west Africa for future coups in the 2020’s.

African Democracies in Crisis

Theo Arnold, Staff Writer November 7, 2023

On Aug. 30th, a successful coup d’etat was held in Gabon. That coup was the ninth successful coup and the 14th attempted coup in Africa since 2020. After a period of relative peace for 20 years in Africa,...

Kevin McCarthy was ousted as the House speaker after dropping demands for steep spending cuts.

Government Shutdown Temporarily Avoided

Emerson Green, News Editor November 7, 2023

At the last minute, Congress reached a deal that President Joe Biden signed to avoid a government shutdown. It was set to happen on Oct. 1 at 12:01 a.m. if Congress could not reach a deal to cut spending....

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