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Nine-to-Five Jobs: Obsolete?

Due to the ongoing technological revolution, and people across the globe starting to view the world from many different perspectives, a revelation has started to sweep the younger generation in mass. Many people are starting to denounce traditional nine to five jobs, calling people who have these jobs “corporate drones.” 

The traditional work life is often seen as “boring” or “unfulfilling,” because you’re largely going to your job to make a living, not because you’re inspired by your work or enjoy the process. After years of that, it’s easy to feel resentment, because you’re really only able to find enjoyment outside of your job, but you’re spending the majority of your day at said job. 

Another reason for this change in thought is the more prevalent questioning of college. Many viable jobs have become available without the need for a college education, so many people are wondering what the purpose of college is, especially if their dream is in a field where college would only become a waste of time and money. Careers such as YouTuber and entrepreneur, for example, both give you near unlimited freedom, allowing you to be your own boss, with your own hours, and to lead fulfilling lives, but building your own brand is also a double edged sword.  

Not everyone is capable of building their own brand; it takes someone exceptional. You have to have special talents, an unrelenting drive, and also be willing to take risks—or have familial support. If you’re doing it correctly, building your own brand means putting all of your eggs into one basket, and the repercussions for failure are striking. Professional athletes and entertainers are similar in this regard, where the rewards are nearly unfathomable, but the consequences for not making it are disastrous. The ones who are willing to work the hardest and dedicate themselves to a high-risk, high-reward occupation reap the most benefits. And if you’re willing to do that, I’d personally say: don’t waste your time doing activities that won’t help you on that front. 

The truth is, a vast majority of the population is unlikely to succeed in these careers, either because they don’t have that exceptional talent, commitment, or that risk-taker mentality. Everyone seeks being extraordinary, but the truth is living a regular life can also be fulfilling. As long as you’re comfortable with your life, live for your happiness, and try not compare yourself to others.


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