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The Forum sent out an anonymous form to students asking for opinions and reactions to the Israel-Hamas war. We have published only some of our community’s thoughtful responses. We were impressed by the diverse and respectful perspectives, and noticed that most responses expressed wishes for more nuanced conversations and safe dialogue. These views do not represent the opinions of The Forum, but we hope they will provide insight on how our community is responding to the recent tragedies.

“I sympathize with the civilians on both sides. It has expanded my knowledge of the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict.”

“I am tired of seeing people bring blanket statements to social media because this situation is rooted in extremely complex history and without extensive research, it is difficult to form an opinion based in facts. It is important to stay aware, empathetic, and intentional during times like these.”

“When I think of Israel I think of pain, for Jewish people, for the people who lived there before Israel, and I hate how it can’t be simple. Most people are wrong, most people are right, and everyone is hurting.”

“I feel like many people feel the need to pick a side—Israel or Palestine. But it’s not Israel vs. Palestine. It’s Israel vs. Hamas.”

“I want to make it clear that I do not endorse Hamas, and I certainly do not enjoy the killing of innocent people, but I still have hope for a free Palestine.”

“It is a shame that a person who wishes to disagree with the actions of the Israeli government and not the people themselves are to be labeled anti-semites right off the bat.”

“Everyone alive during 9/11 knows where they were when they heard the news, and I’m confident that the majority of Jewish students know exactly where we were when we heart the news on the seventh.”

“I have noticed that a lot of my peers have been posting content on social media that appears very black and white. I have overheard conversations and read news that ignore nuance and context.”

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